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8-ערוצים Automatic Mixer

8-ערוצים Automatic Mixer

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"ארט סטודיו" הינה חברת יבואן כבר למעלה מ20 שנה בתחום כלי נגינה ומערכות הגברה,כייבואנים לרשותינו מחסנים לוגיסטים של כ1000מ"ר באיזור המרכז והצפון ובאפשרותכם להנות ממחירים אטרקטיבים במיוחד בקניה ממחסני יבואן ללא פערי תיווך.

מוצר שווה ערך ל SURE SCM810

This eight-channel automatic mixer features the BTS patented IntelliMix®, which activates only microphones being addressed, minimizing poor audio caused by multiple open microphones.

The MX-830 is designed specifically for installed sound applications. 

Features include adjustable EQ per channel, 48 V phantom power, active balanced microphone - or line-level inputs, line-level outputs, highly RF resistant chassis and circuitry, complete logic control of microphone activation, linking capacity for up to 400 microphones, with an internal power supply. 120/230 Vac power.


  • Eight balanced mic-line input channels (Phoenix block connectors)
  • One unbalanced 1/4" aux level input
  • Eight unbalanced 1/4" direct line level outputs
  • One balanced master line level output (Phoenix block connector)
  • Selectable 46V phantom power per channel
  • Level selectable peak output limiter
  • Full rack width (single rack height)


  • Priority pre-select feature allows priority of each microphone to be independently assigned, in this situation, the other microphones will be automatically turned off.
  • Three speaking mode as: priority mode, FIFO and discussing.
  • Extending linking: eight balanced input in each mixer. The mixers could be extending connected to real situation. And the function for each mixer is unchanged after extending.
  • The automatically mixed could effectively stop any howling caused by applaud or breaking sound. It could keep the system more stable.
  • Each input provides Phantom power (48V) and has output connector for monitor earphone.
  • Output terminal has balance XLR output and ROA output.
  • Usage situation: The automatically mixer could be used in meeting room, performance, multi-media classroom, broadcasting station, speaking hall, law court and so on.

Front panel:

  1. Switch power: Pressing the switch, the indicating light will turn on red, the circuit is connected.
  2. Indicating light: When this channel is on speech, the light will be on.
  3. Level controller: 8 level controllers to control the 8 input channels.
  4. Priority keys: 8 keys for 8 input channels, when the key is in “ON”location, the related input channel is in priority, when the key is set in “OFF”, the input channel is in normal.
  5. Indicating light for output level.
  6. Insert for earphone.
  7. Knob for the total output level.
  8. Serial input & output connector: connecting the extending serial link in and link out.
  9. Balanced audio output.
  10. Un-balanced audio output.
  11. Balance input: 8 balanced input connectors could be connected by 8 channels of microphones.
  12. Control voltage output terminal: connecting the system controller, dealing with the video automatically tracking function and connecting other equipments.
  13. Power: connecting the outside power adapter (supplied with the mixer).
  14. שם היבואן: ארט סטודיו בע"מ
  15. באחריות לשנה ע"י ארט סטודיו בע"מ


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