Crossover Processor

-25% Crossover Processor

פרוססור 32 ביט -  Crossover , Limiter , שש יציאות XLR, וחיבור שליטה למחשב

ציוד מקצועי לאנשי הגברה

  • Processor / Limiter / Crossover
  • טווח תדרים רחב במיוחד
  • איכות סאונד מעולה
  • שליטה מלאה דרך מחשב
  • 2 כניסות  XLR
  • 6 יציאות XLR
  • צג לד דיגיטלי
  • Double selection 32bit DSP processor and the internal data communication, with a particularly wide dynamic range and excellent sound quality.

    Sampling rate, low loss, dynamic range> 105dB.

    Convenient and flexible divider mode:

    2 inputs 6 outputs, and can be set to five kinds of modes, including 2X2 +2 way divider, 2X3 road divider, 4 + 2-way crossover, 5 +1 road divider and six-way frequency and band limiter.


    Technical Data SPECIFICATIONS

    Each parameter segment gain adjustment range is +15 dB to-30dB, the center frequency range 20HZ-20KHZ, Q values ​​ranging from 0.4 to 128, all with three inputs for each channel parametric equalizer, output all with 5-band parametric equalizer , equalizer (PEQ) bandwidth ranges from 1/36 to 4 octave (Oct), a wide range of parameters can be adjusted to optimize the system's frequency response.

           Each output channel has an independent limiter, its start time, release time and threshold values ​​and other parameters can be adjusted within a wide range; output level meter display is relative to the threshold headroom, level meter automatically keeps track of the time constant of the time constant of the limiter so that the indicator is more accurate. Variable high-pass and low-pass filter into account considering the slope of filter can be set to: 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB or 48dB per octave, and can choose their response is: Butterworth (Butterworth), Nink a Rui (Linkwitz-Riley), Bethesda children (Bessel) and 12dB slope select multiple variable values; consider high and low pass filter parameters can be adjusted independently to achieve asymmetric division function.

           Input channel matrix control. Flexible and practical input and output channels replication capabilities of the system to adjust the parameters of each channel is more efficient and convenient.

           Three voltage-sensing 360 ° rotary encoders for controlling the parameters into account waves, easy to operate and meet general operating habits. In the adjustment, the display (LCD) will show on the filter into account the various parameter values.

          Each output is independently adjustable delay, the maximum delay is 6.979mS, minimum adjustment step is 0.021mS.

          20 user memory. RS232 interface, can be connected to an external controller, friendly and intuitive

  • שם היבואן: ארט סטודיו בע"מ
  • באחריות לשנה ע"י ארט סטודיו בע"מ
  • computer interface, and multi-level comprehensive security lock function.

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