Compact Line Array

Compact Line Array

Compact Line Array System

מערכת הגברה ניידת 3-Way של Soundking.

 גוף המערכת עץ

המערכת מתאימה לאירועים עד 600 איש

  • הספק מקסימלי: 2200 Watt
  • הספק נומינלי: 1100 Watt RMS
  • סאב וופר בקוטר 15"
  • עוצמת סאב וופר 700 Watt RMS
  • מידות סאב וופר: 485*585*695 מ"מ
  • משקל סאב וופר 22 ק"ג

  • טופ: VERTICAL ARRAY Speaker
  • 8 אלמנטים של 3" כ"א Full Range Neodymium
  • 12 יח'  1" Dome Tweeter
  • פיזור: 30-120 מעלות
  • עוצמת טופ: 300 Watt RMS
  • מידות טופ: 729*400*255 מ"מ
  • משקל טופ: 4 ק"ג

  • מיקסר: 2 כניסות קומבו, כניסה 6.35 מ"מ (PL), כניסה RCA
  • יציאת מיקסר XLR
  • חיבור Bluetooth
  •  פרוססור DSP מובנה


15' active subwoofer, phase-inverted design, built-in 2-way 700W+400W dual-channel power amplifier,4-way input cabinet mixer, including 2-way Mic/ Line input, 1-way RCA stereo mixed line input, 1-way HI- Z line input, 2-way XLR line output, 1-way mixed line output, separate volume control for sub-low frequency. 

> Built-in powerful 24-bit DSP speaker processing module with gain, frequency division, equalization, delay, limiter, program memory and other functions. You can choose default settings or optimize the settings by yourself.

> Efficient 2-way 700W+400W“CLASS- D”power amplifier, with high power, low distortion and excellent sound quality.

> Switching power supply, light weight, stable performance, 220V—240V power input.

> Support TWS Bluetooth connection. When a pair of STRATOS 5000(or STRATOS 8000)are used on Bluetooth mode, the Bluetooth can be set at TWS status, forming stereo effect. First set one TWS speaker as left channel, then the other as right channel.

> Ultra-long delay time DSP setting, adjustment range is 0-100 meters, 0. 25 meter increment, very useful in practical applications.

> Ultra-wide angle covering wide audience area, horizontal * vertical: 100 ° * 70 °, which can effectively avoid the problem of vertical coverage angle of vertical linear sound source being too small.

> STRATOS telescopic stand,the height of the linear array full-range speakers can be adjusted according to usage requirements to obtain the best sound coverage.

> No external speaker cable connection is needed as the speaker's internal socket is already cable-connected, and the system can be used normally when plugged in. The contact is reliable, and it's very easy to operate.


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  • ₪6,500
  • לפני מע"מ: ₪5,556